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We, at Acne Cure Health Center would like you to know more about what acne is. This is the Acne Treatment Center where you can learn more about acne, its causes, its symptoms, and how you can effectively control it through personalized treatment regimens for your skin.

The Acne Treatment is divided into a couple of main sections:

Acne Treatment Information

In this section, we will be discussing on what acne really is, its various types and forms, and its causes. We will also discover the different myths connected to acne treatment.

  • What is Acne? – learn more about what truly lies beneath the skin's surface and the processes involved in forming an acne.
  • Types of Acne - discover and learn to identify the different forms and types of acne
  • Non-inflammatory Acne - mild acne, which does not cause much swelling and inflammation
  • Inflammatory Acne - moderately severe acne, usually seen as pustules, papules, and macules
  • Cystic Acne - severely inflamed acne in the form of nodules and cysts
  • What Causes Acne? – There are a lot of things that can bring about acne, including those which you never thought about.
  • Acne Myths – A lot of myths have been created and circulated about acne. We are here to give you the real deal about it, and bust those myths on acne.

There are also several articles on acne treatment, and the many things that can influence it such as stress and the food you eat, so read on.

  • Acne and Your Diet – Can what you eat cause acne? Read on to find out.
  • Acne and Stress – Are you getting stressed because of acne or getting acne because of stress? Learn more about it here.
  • Adult Acne – Having acne even when you are adults? Discover why.
  • “Cure” Acne – Is your acne really cured or just another advertising sham? Get to know more about it here.

Starting your Acne Treatment

As you find out the nitty-gritty on acne, we can then move on to learning about how to treat it and control it. We have customized different acne treatment regimens based on your personal skin type, powerful enough to surely treat acne and keep it away for good. Find out what's best for your skin type and begin your acne treatment now!

  • How To Get Rid of Acne – learn about your skin type and why it is so essential to our personalized acne treatment system
    • Regimen for Dry Skin – how to treat acne while having dry skin
    • Regimen for Oily Skin – how to treat acne while having oily skin
    • Regimen for Combination Skin – how to treat acne while having combination skin
  • Personalized Acne Treatment Consultations - Our skin care products are great, but they work best on the right skin type. Know what's yours through a personal acne consultation.
  • How to Control Acne Breakouts - Helpful tips to keeping acne away throughout the year
  • Common Acne Treatment Mistakes – Discover what you should not do when you have acne
  • Printable Acne Treatment Regimen Checklists – Here are handy checklists that you can print out so that you can be sure of having a copy of your treatment regimen for acne.
    • Checklist for Dry Skin
    • Checklist for Oily Skin
    • Checklist for Combination Skin
  • Acne Treatment Success Stories with Mario Badescu – Discover what the thousands of satisfied customers are saying on how they have successfully treated their acne.
  • Acne Product Application Videos – Watch these handy videos to learn more about the proper way of using our products.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Control Acne Breakouts

General Treatment for Acne
For the general treatment of acne, regardless of the type of skin, here are some products that can effectively keep acne breakouts to a minimum.

Why treat acne when you can prevent them with this anti-acne serum. Using salicylic acid, it can easily keep acne away with just a small amount spread over the skin prone to acne every night. Plus, with the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of thyme, it keeps the skin clear and feeling smooth and protects it from further irritation.

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1oz. - $20.00

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For exfoliation and deep cleansing, this acne facial cleanser will work wonders in healing acne and preventing them from reappearing. Using salicylic acid, chamomile, thyme extract, and aloe vera, it will disinfect and soothe irritated skin, leaving it smooth and clear. The addition of hyaluronic acid also helps keep the skin’s natural moisture intact. Gently scrub a small amount on wet skin for 60 seconds, and then rinse off with water. Do this about two times a day.

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6oz. - $15.00

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To seriously combat acne, this acne repair kit contains all you will need: a drying cream, drying lotion, and buffering lotion.

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1oz. - $46.00

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Handling Periodic Acne Breakouts in Oily Zones
There will be times when parts of the face will become too oily, specifically the chin and forehead, from hyperactive sebaceous glands. This can result in the formation of small pimples in the affected area which are not cystic acne nor whiteheads.

To get rid of the small pimples that occur sporadically on oily areas of the skin, this drying cream will gently disinfect and scrub the area free from pimples without harming the skin.