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  • Inflammatory Acne - moderately severe acne, usually seen as pustules, papules, and macules
  • Cystic Acne - severely inflamed acne in the form of nodules and cysts
  • What Causes Acne? – There are a lot of things that can bring about acne, including those which you never thought about.
  • Acne Myths – A lot of myths have been created and circulated about acne. We are here to give you the real deal about it, and bust those myths on acne.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teen Acne

Has your acne made you cancel plans you have made a long time ago just because you felt self conscious about it? Do you find yourself avoiding eye contact with people because you are afraid that they will see your acne? Teen Acne can make you feel lost and all alone. But the truth is that every person goes through this phase in their lives. As they go through puberty, pimples are a part of it regardless of size, shape, color, nationality, or ethnic background. In fact, 90% of all teenagers experience acne.

Causes of Teen Acne

When a teenager hits puberty, the body starts to churn out hormones, substances responsible for the many physical changes seen of teenagers at this time. In boys, the androgen testosterone is produced in huge amounts that they grow quickly faster, making their bones heavier and denser, broadening the shoulders and chest area, deepening their voice, and growing facial hair. In girls, androgens are needed for estrogen production, which is their main hormone in pubertal development. They experience monthly menses and even mood swings. Sometimes, there is an overproduction of androgen in girls, and it shows through an excess in hair growth on the upper lip and chin. This may be a cause of alarm for teenage girls. Fortunately, procedures such as waxing or threading, as well as facial creams designed to remove hair is easily available. These hormones are also the culprit for the acne that these teenage boys and girls develop during this time. Excess hormones can trigger the sebaceous or oil glands to produce sebum or oil. Normally, the oil produced by these sebaceous glands gets released into the surface of the skin. An excess of this oil can combine with dead skin cells, plugging up the pore, trapping bacteria and oil, and causing swelling and inflammation. This forms the acne. When the body detects something wrong in this area of the skin, it also sends to it white blood cells, which when they get trapped in a pore, forms whiteheads.
 Aside from hormones, other causes of teen acne may include some food allergies, nutritional imbalance, and even improper care for the skin. Genetics and heredity may also play a role in the development of acne. If your parents, either one of them, suffered from teen acne, then most probably, you will do so too.


You have the ability to control what your skin looks like. Here are some tips that can help clear your skin of acne and prevents further appearance.
  Avoid picking on the acne. There are bacteria on your fingers that are also responsible for your acne breakout. Squeezing it just traps the oil and bacteria further, causing it to become more inflamed. The more inflamed it becomes, the more it leads to acne scarring.
  Use the proper regimen for your skin to avoid drying up your skin and further breakouts. Gentle and mild lotions and cleansers are best for any skin, since harsh products may even trigger oil production, resulting in more pimples and even dry skin.
  Avoid going to bed with your make-up still on. Remove it using a gentle cleanser to clean the pores and prevent future acne breakouts.
  Rinse your make-up applicator brushes at least once every week to rid them of bacteria and oil.
  Choose a concealer with Salicylic acid so that as you cover those blemishes, it will also disinfect it.
  Laundry your pillowcases regularly to help prevent an acne breakout. They are usually carriers of germs and bacteria that can cause acne formation.
  For every face washing, pat the skin dry using a clean face towel. Avoid rubbing the skin to prevent further irritation and breakouts.
  After being out in the sun or any sports activity that causes heavy perspiration, always remember to shower afterwards to wash off the bacteria and dirt that have gathered in the pores.
  Keep the face clear. Bangs, long hair, and even the use of bandannas or hats may cause teen acne as it traps perspiration and dirt on the skin.

Find the best Teen Acne Regimen for you

All skin and all acne are unique from each other. This is the reason why there is a unique skin care regimen for each person. Answer some questions in the skin analysis questionnaire and find out, through a qualified skin care specialist the best skin care regimen for your teen acne.  



Do the following 6 steps to discover the most effective skincare regimen for your present teen acne and prevent future acne breakouts. Make use of the spot treatments to speed up the healing of existing acne. Also, remember that acne does not affect only the face as it can also appear on the back and chest, thus select a product that can address also this issue.

1) Cleanse
For acne-prone skin, the best cleanser to use is one which can get rid of the oil while keeping its moisture intact. The Acne Facial Cleanser deeply cleans the skin using mild and natural ingredients, plus removing the dead skin cells on its surface, without drying out the skin.

6oz. - $15.00

2) Tone
Remove oil residue, deeply clean, treat and soothe irritated acne-filled skin using the Special Cucumber Lotion, a sulfur-containing toner.

8oz. - $15.00
16oz. - $26.00
32oz. - $45.00

3) Moisturize the Eye Area
Hydrate the delicate skin around the eye using the Ceramide Eye Gel. It would be best to keep it refrigerated to help treat puffy and tired eyes.

0.5oz. - $18.00

4) Moisturize the Face
The Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF 17) will moisturize the face without clogging the pores.

2oz. - $22.00

5) Mask
With the clay-based Cucumber Tonic Mask, your pores will experience deep cleaning and be free of any impurities. Best to use about twice or thrice a week.

2oz. - $18.00

6) Exfoliate
When you need to exfoliate, and yet can’t because your skin is still raw and irritated from acne, then use a Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, a non-abrasive cleanser which can clear the pores of dead skin cells and other impurities. Best to use at least once or twice each week, for your night regimen, in place of your regular cleanser.

6oz. - $15.00

The following products are spot treatments for quick healing of existing acne.
Whiteheads have no defense against this Drying Lotion. With a blend of calamine and salicylic acid, it can soothe and heal those problem areas. Best applied at night.

1oz. - $17.00

For treatment of cystic acne, the Buffering Lotion contains sulfur for quick healing easy absorption.

1oz. - $17.00

This Drying Cream is best used on small pimples. It can also be used as a light concealer for the day.

0.5oz. - $14.00

This Healing Cream has sulfur for quick healing and balsam peru to help soothe the irritated skin and minimize redness.

0.5oz. - $17.00
1oz. - $30.00

The following products are specifically made for acne found on the back and chest areas.
With the fruit acids found in the AHA Botanical Body Soap, you can safely and gently exfoliate without fear of spreading the bacteria.

8oz. - $8.00
16oz. - $14.00

After a shower, apply this sulfur-based Special Cleansing Lotion “O” on the chest and back area to remove excess oil from the skin and treat back and chest acne. Do not use on the face.  

8oz. - $15.00
16oz. - $26.00
32oz. - $45.00

Be Consistent

It has been said again and again that to be consistent is to succeed. When you design the best skin care regimen for you, then stick to it. Make it a habit, a routine, something that you do in the morning and evening that does not require any thought.

All the pain and suffering you have suffered from your teen acne can now be forgotten. You have learned how teens are prone to suffer from acne and what causes it. Use what you know now to start improving your skin. Remember these three steps: Stop self-medicating your acne, find out the best skin care regimen for you, and consistently follow it. Now, you are ready to go and are confident enough to face the world!